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Vision Therapy

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For Youth & Adults Alike, Vision Therapy is an Effective Tool to Improve Eye Alignment, Acuity, & Coordination.

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If you or your child could benefit from vision therapy, please call us to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online.

Strabismus, which can lead to more serious alignment issues (like amblyopia), is often successfully treated non-surgically via vision therapy.

For children with varying degrees of eye turn/crossed eyes, correcting eye alignment not only improves their ability to see, but also their confidence.

In cases where one eye may be weaker than the other, specialized exercises and training can improve the weaker eye and improve visual acuity overall.

Eye teaming – how eyes work together to facilitate sight – is essential for sustained, comfortable vision. If your child has eye teaming problems, they likely struggle with visual comprehension-related tasks, such as reading and writing.

Vision therapy improves eye teaming, correcting the underlying alignment or muscular issues and facilitating improved vision.

Vision therapy is a common therapy undertaken by people who have recently had an eye surgery or are recovering from an eye injury. Vision therapy is especially utilized after correcting an eye alignment problem via surgery, such as after strabismic surgery.

As a rehabilitative tool, vision therapy provides a challenging but non-invasive method of improving physical control of the eyes, as well as improving coordination and comprehension.

For athletes that demand maximum performance, vision therapy can provide improvements to your reaction time, depth perception, spatial perception, and hand/eye coordination. This challenging but rewarding practice can give you a silent but unmistakable performance advantage.

Providing Experienced & Compassionate Vision Therapy in Southern Alberta

Vision therapy is a powerful process that provides many benefits. For both children and adults, vision therapy can correct eye alignment, improve your ability to see and perceive your visual field, and enhance your hand/eye coordination.

Composed of in-clinic sessions, daily homework, and the use of specialized tools, vision therapy is non-surgical and painless. It involves challenging the eye mentally, teaching the brain how to properly use the eye, and the reinforcement/reintegration of visual skills.

More Information About Vision Therapy

Individualized Therapy Perfectly Suited for Your Needs

Vision therapy is not a “one size fits all” process. It requires an assessment of your needs, where we will create a therapy program ideally suited for you. This bespoke approach ensures the best results.

Let Us Show You How Vision Therapy Can Help

During the vision therapy consultation, we will go into depth about the process, what you/your child should expect, and set realistic expectations about potential outcomes. We also assess the affected eye to ensure it is otherwise healthy.

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