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Laser Corrective Surgery Consultation

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Enjoy Great Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses. Visit Us to Learn More About Laser Eye Surgery.

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To meet with an Optometrist to assess your candidacy for laser eye surgery and to learn more about the procedure, call us to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

While laser eye surgery is effective, not all people are candidates. During the consultation we will perform a series of tests to measure the shape, size, and curvature of your eye. We will also assess your eye health, determine the type and severity of the refractive error, and review other information.

Based on the above, we will then determine if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. If so, we will provide a referral to a local Ophthalmologist.

Laser eye surgery’s various forms are well practiced, documented, and iterated upon. This surgery is performed tens of thousands of times every year in Canada and is one of the safest available.

The stories you’ve been told about laser surgery are true: it really can last for the rest of your life.

By reshaping the cornea and correcting the underlying refractive error (the reason you require vision correction in the first place), laser eye surgery is able to provide long-lasting vision correction. In many cases, the surgery provides vision correction for the rest of the patient’s life.

If you elect to have the surgery, we will provide pre and postoperative care. Prior to surgery, we will confirm our initial assessment and inform you of what to do before your surgery.

Within 48 hours of your surgery we will again assess your eyes and ensure they are healing as expected.

Are You Considering LASIK Surgery?

For millions of Canadians, laser eye surgery has been a safe and relatively painless way to correct their vision. With results that can last for decades, and sometimes even longer than that, laser eye surgery is seen as a permanent solution for refractive errors.

If you are considering surgery, a consultation with an Optometrist is required to determine your candidacy. Visit us in the Melcor Centre to discuss whether or not laser eye surgery is right for you.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

There are three popular versions of the surgery performed in Canada today:

  • LASIK – The most popular, LASIK arguably has the shortest recovery time. Using a micro or laser keratome, the surgeon will create a flap that is opened to expose the cornea. The laser then corrects the cornea to complete the procedure.

  • LASEK – In this version of the surgery, the flap is completely removed from the eye and replaced once the surgery is complete. This has some advantages for certain people in comparison to LASIK.

  • PRK – In this version of the surgery, the “skin flap” is removed entirely and discarded. Your eye grows new epithelial cells. This procedure is ideal for people with thin corneas, though its recovery time is longer compared to LASIK and LASEK.

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Treating & Managing Dry Eye

Lethbridge’s & Raymond's dry climates can make dry eye run wild, especially in the hot summer months. If your dry eye symptoms are flaring up, visit us for individualized treatment of your symptoms. We’re here to help.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

The Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) recommends that healthy adults have eye exams every one to two years (annually for kids and seniors). Eye diseases can creep up unexpectedly, and the best way to manage them is to detect and treat them early. Book your eye exam today.

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Only available at Visual Effects, Dior eyeglass frames combined high-grade materials with modern, trend-setting design. We love the Dior collection and are proud to be their exclusive provider in Lethbridge.

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