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Flashes & Floaters

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A Sudden Influx of Flashes or Floaters Should Be Investigated By One of Our Optometrists. Visit Us in Lethbridge or Raymond.

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If you’d like to have an Optometrist assess your case of floaters or flashes, please call to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

While in most cases floaters and flashes tend to be benign, our eye exams go into the depth necessary to ensure that there are no hidden causes or underlying diseases causing them.

Our use of leading-edge imaging and diagnostic technology allows us to make accurate diagnosis’ without being invasive or causing discomfort. Our eye exams are pain free.

A common question our patients ask when assessing floaters is whether or not they have the potential to cause serious vision loss. The good news is that floaters rarely indicate a major vision problem; in most cases, floaters are totally benign.

However, floaters are a known symptom of several eye diseases. Any new instance of floaters should be investigated to ensure healthy eyes and to check for signs of disease.

While floaters are fairly common, flashes are much less so. Because of how flashes are formed (physical stimulus of the retina), every new instance of flashes should be assessed by an Optometrist to ensure proper eye health.

Flashes can result from serious vision-threatening events, such as retinal trauma or a posterior vitreous detachment.

Are Flashing Specs of Light or Shadowy Spots Appearing In Your Vision? Come See Us.

With two convenient locations (in downtown Lethbridge and downtown Raymond), our clinics are fully equipped to diagnose both the cause and severity of your eye floaters/flashes. Using precision imaging equipment, we can do a “deep dive” or your eye health and determine the cause of your symptoms.

More Information

About Floaters

Floaters are relatively common, with most people experiencing them several times throughout their lives. Increasingly common with age, floaters are generally benign and of no cause for concern. However, like any change to our vision, a new instance of floaters developing should be assessed in order to ensure everything is above-board.

About Flashes

Sometimes called “eye flashers”, these specs of light can appear in numerous ways. In most cases, they appear as small dots of light that dance across your peripheral vision. This effect, sometimes referred to as “seeing stars”, is the result of physical stimulus of the retina.

Flashes are more rare than floaters and should always be assessed by an Optometrist.

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